The band

Solamors arose from a set of concepts: to blend technicality with listenability, to balance intricacy with simplicity, to produce an ebb and flow between darkness and light, brutality and gentleness... and to draw in the listener with familiarity before continually challenging their musical sensibilities to take them on a sonic journey that keeps them engaged while pushing their experience to the extremes and transcending genre boundaries.

The album

Solamors' debut release, entitled "Depravity's Demise", typifies this approach by engaging and manipulating lyrical and musical dichotomy to produce an experience that tells a story while remaining amorphous. It embraces conceptual and musical symbolism that juxtaposes concepts of dualism with singularity, inevitability with choice and the symbolic with the literal to encourage personalized interpretation and produce a result that is simultaneously expository and equivocal in form and content.

The process

These concepts drove and informed the entire creative process. Solamors threw out the traditional 'write at home first, gather together to arrange and practice, record at a studio later' album creation process by keeping the entire creative process in-house and DIY -- made possible by the support of crowd-sourced funding -- while communicating and transferring ideas among band members via email and FTP, in order to blend all the steps of writing, arranging, recording and editing into a dynamic and fluid workflow, without the restraints of scheduling or space, that could double-back on itself at any point to refine or change any aspect of the songs or recording.

The vision

The entire project is an experiment in the funding and creation of music by 21st century means. The goal is to create something new and different while:

- Empowering fellow musicians to embrace the technologies and workflows that can break down the barriers and obstacles that have traditionally hindered the creative process

- Engaging fans dynamically and interactively throughout the entirety of the project so that they are a part of the creative process, rather than just being relegated to the role of consumer after it's completion

This is accomplished through blogs and videos detailing each step of the process, as well as through dynamic interaction via social media. This affords a level of detail, interaction, intimacy and transparency that has not been previously possible.